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Iodine tablets not necessary in context of current situation

two boxes of iodine tablets
Over the past few days, several residents have picked up iodine tablets from the pharmacist. The situation in Ukraine is being closely monitored by the Belgian and European authorities and in particular by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC). This situation does not pose a danger to the Belgian population at this time. Therefore, getting iodine tablets is not necessary in this situation. Especially since the possible release of radioactive iodine does not apply to plants that are no longer active, such as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.     

Getting iodine tablets remains a good reflex

In the event of a nuclear incident involving the release of radioactive iodine, taking stable iodine, in addition to the other protective measures, is an effective way to protect the thyroid gland. Especially in children, protecting the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine contamination is important to prevent cancers in the long term. To have the necessary effect, stable iodine must be taken at the right time. To this end, the competent authorities make the necessary recommendations.

Since 1999, the Belgian authorities have recommended that people living within a 20 km radius of a nuclear site have iodine tablets in their homes. This recommendation was extended in 2018 to all individuals and collectives responsible for children on the Belgian territory.

Specifically, this means that any Belgian can go to a pharmacy to pick up a box of iodine tablets. You can store these in your home and they have a very long shelf life.

Do not buy online

Iodine tablets are available free of charge in any pharmacy in Belgium. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy them online, whether through online sales sites or in other ways.

The authorities and pharmacies have a large supply that can be made available to the population in the event of a nuclear incident.

Having iodine tablets in your home is a good measure to prepare for a nuclear incident. However, in the context of the current situation, there is no point in rushing to get iodine tablets or in taking them.

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