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International relations

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International relations are necessary to carry out the tasks and missions of the National Crisis Center (NCCN). Belgium's central role at the European level, the presence of European and international institutions on our territory and the international nature of various crises require coordination and communication between the international partners involved in preparing for and managing emergencies. 

To this end, the NCCN collaborates with various European and international partners. We implement agreements or establish new agreements to facilitate and improve both day-to-day consultation and coordination of crisis management.

The NCCN has several ongoing international projects:

  • Aligning current and future national contingency plans with the international level.
  • Improving existing structures and procedures in crisis management, national resilience and civil preparedness. 
  • Participating in international exercises, for example in cooperation with EU or NATO.
  • Maintaining contacts with national and international partners (embassies and international organisations, Civil Protection, permanent representatives, etc.).
  • Establishing a platform for the Directors-General of the crisis centres at European level.
  • Collaborating with the Benelux Secretariat-General and the Benelux countries.
  • Representing the National Crisis Center in international forums and organisations.
  • Strengthening the information position and recognition of the expertise of the National Crisis Center internationally.
  • Setting up, monitoring and managing European funds and international projects, such as Bullseye, RiskPACC, Marhetak or ShotPros.

In an (international) emergency situation, the NCCN takes on the following tasks: 

  • Acting as a point of contact between national partners and international organisations.
  • Formulating advice and policy proposals to implement decisions, in coordination with the international context.
  • Establishing and developing the interdepartmental International Crisis management Cell (ICC) within the NCCN, after a decision by the federal government in 2018.