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Your own emergency plan

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In an emergency situation, you are sometimes left to fend for yourself for a while. The emergency services help where necessary and as quickly as possible, but they have to set priorities.

In order to ensure the safety of your family, it is best to think about a few situations in advance: how to get outside safely in case of fire, how to reach each other if there is no telephone or mobile network, what to do in case of a disruption of (public) transport, etc. Consult with your entire family as well. This will save you time during unexpected situations.

On www.mijnnoodplan.be you can make an emergency plan that will help you and your family to react quickly and properly if something serious happens. In just 7 steps, you will get a plan tailored to your needs. How do you do this?

  • Go to www.mijnnoodplan.be.
  • Fill in the questionnaire.
  • Download your personalised emergency plan.
  • Print it out and hang it up visibly in your home.
  • Put it on your smartphone, too.

Tips for families with children

Do not hesitate to go over your own emergency plan with your children.

  • Practise with them how to get out safely in the event of a fire. For example, finding your way out of the house when there is heavy smoke (blindfolded) is not easy.
  • Does every family member know how the alarm system works?
  • Agree in advance on an emergency contact person and note this address in your children's diary or save it in their mobile phone.

In an emergency, your children are your first concern. However, in some circumstances (e.g. release of chemical or radiological materials), the authorities will recommend sheltering and leaving the children at school. Teachers will follow the same recommendations so that your son or daughter can safely shelter at school.