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Risks in your area

A flooded area where services are present
No place is free from risk. Despite all safety precautions, you may get involved in an emergency. Natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, hail, heavy rainfall or flooding can occur anywhere. A large industrial fire in the area, a gas leak or a train accident is always possible. Zero risk does not exist.

To be able to react quickly and appropriately, it is important that you get informed about the possible risks in your area.

For instance, you can check if:

  • you have sufficient smoke detectors or CO2 detectors in your home
  • you live near a Seveso or nuclear facility
  • your house is located in a flood plain
  • there is a fire risk to a nature or forest area close to your home
  • there is a railroad or highway running through your community. These are also risks. Think of a train accident with hazardous substances, or a collision with a truck carrying fuel.

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Prepared for an emergency

If you know the risks in your area, you can better prepare by:

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