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Choose a spokesperson

People holding a microphone in front of someone and cameras in the background
You can choose to appoint a spokesperson or trusted person to represent you to the media. This person will be the sole point of contact for the press. Depending on the situation, this could be a friend, a relative, an acquaintance or a professional.

Choosing a spokesperson has advantages, but also some disadvantages. Take the time to think about this calmly.

Arguments for appointing a spokesperson:

  • It gives yourself enough breathing space and brings serenity.
  • A spokesperson can have a neutral view of events and can help make the right decisions.
  • The spokesperson can centralise information and provide clear information. This way you avoid contradictions.
  • By appointing a spokesperson, you have control over who does the talking and where this takes place.
  • A spokesperson can facilitate agreements with the press and have them reviewed.

Arguments against appointing a spokesperson:

  • It is hard to find a person you would fully trust with this task.
  • There are very few people willing to take on this task.

Who and how do you choose a spokesperson?

  • Choose a person you trust (a relative, a friend, your mayor, the school principal, an attorney, etc.).
  • If necessary, ask Victim Support or another organisation for help.
  • Communicate the name of your spokesperson to friends and family. Make it clear that any communication about you will go through your spokesperson.

'If I were to give anyone a piece of advice, it would certainly be that: enlist someone from your circle of acquaintances who wants to be a contact person for the media. Someone less emotionally involved in the drama. When something like that happens, you end up in an emotional whirlpool. Talking to journalists takes an awful lot of control and strength. And you need that first and foremost for your family. They are much more important.'

Guy Storm, father of Vicky. She died when her apartment building collapsed after a gas leak.