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Monitoring events

People at a festival
Events are always a source of additional risks. A municipality, province or the National Crisis Center will analyse the risks for each event and sit down with all parties involved to ensure smooth organisation and safety.

This applies both to small events, such as a local winter market or village festival, and to large events, such as demonstrations, music festivals, sports competitions or European summits.

Important points to consider when organising an event are:

  • Mobility plan
  • Crowd management to ensure safe movement of the public at the event
  • Communication strategy in case of problems
  • Evacuation policy

By discussing these points of attention with the organiser beforehand, everyone can enjoy the event in complete safety and the emergency services can intervene quickly and correctly if something does go wrong.

Questionnaire for event organisers

Are you organising an event? The National Crisis Center has drawn up a questionnaire in collaboration with various disciplines. Based on this questionnaire, the various disciplines can perform a risk analysis.