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Local support

Disaster exercise
The National Crisis Center strives for good cooperation with the local level. This cooperation takes place through the governor's federal services, which are in close contact with the municipal emergency planning coordinators.

Drafting and updating of a legal framework

The Royal Decree of 22 May 2019 is the legal framework for the action of mayors and governors in emergency situations on their territory.

The NCCN worked with provincial and municipal emergency planning coordinators, emergency and intervention services to the realities of the field and to update it to better suit these.

Training and expertise

The NCCN is organising training courses for local government (emergency planning co-ordinators or mayors, for example) and other partners with a role in emergency planning or crisis management. Over several days of study, participants are given an introduction to the legal framework, the various structures in emergency planning or training in the latest insights concerning crisis management or information management.

The NCCN also shares the necessary contacts with experts who can assist local administrations with a particular risk analysis.

Support with major accident hazards

The NCCN provides support for the organisation of major accident exercises. The NCCN receives a budget for this from the Seveso Fund

Support teams

The NCCN is responsible for the training and coordination of two teams that can support local authorities in an emergency situation: