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On call 24/7

A street with a zebra crossing – location of 24/7 service
The 24/7 service of the National Crisis Center (NCCN) consists of 60 people, who are on duty in shifts 24/7. Day and night, they gather, analyse and distribute important information to (political) authorities, so that they can respond quickly and correctly if necessary.

The 24/7 service of the NCCN is the national and international contact point for all reports that may have an impact on our country's security.

It also ensures the flow of information within the NCCN and follows up on the tasks of other services during the night and at the weekend, for instance the protection of people, etc. 

Infrastructure and expertise

The NCCN provides its infrastructure and expertise to manage incidents across departments and coordinate emergencies at the national level.

The 24/7 service of the NCCN also ensures the 24/7 availability of other services or administrations, such as the Chancellery of the Prime Minister or the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB). Furthermore, the NCCN can provide personnel and resources quickly to prepare urgent decisions.