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Coordination at a federal stage

People in a crisis meeting room behind laptops
When the Minister of the Interior declares a federal phase, the National Crisis Center has many tasks to perform.

Notification of partners

When a federal phase is declared, the National Crisis Center notifies all (inter)national and local authorities concerned in order to activate crisis management procedures. Several of these partners will be asked to come to the National Crisis Center, to be part of one of the crisis cells.

Coordination of the different crisis cells

In a federal phase, several crisis cells come together: the evaluation committee, the federal coordination committee, the policy committee and the information committee. The National Crisis Center chairs the federal coordination committee and the information committee and supports crisis management by making infrastructure or personnel available to the federal government. This is all done in close cooperation with the local authorities concerned.

Some of the tasks performed by the National Crisis Center:

  • Overseeing information flow by preparing situation reports, etc.
  • Providing legal advice
  • Drawing up ad hoc risk analyses
  • Coordinating crisis communication
  • Providing logistical support

Supervising post-emergency recovery actions

Sometimes it is necessary to provide an aftercare period, after the federal phase. This depends on the impact of the emergency. The federal government will develop the aftercare policy, in cooperation with the authorities concerned.

Aftercare can consist of different types of measures. When the federal government develops the aftercare policy, the governors and mayors concerned implement these measures on their territory. When the provincial level develops the aftercare policy, the mayors concerned implement these measures on their territory.