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Demonstrations and events

Rally car on a rural road
Every year, the National Crisis Center monitors more than 1,000 events and demonstrations, in collaboration with Belgian and European authorities and services. These events have potential implications for public order and safety.

By monitoring, these events can take place in safety, with respect for everyone's individual rights, for example to protest.

European summits

The Treaty of Nice states that all meetings of the European Council are to be held in Brussels.

Several times a year, Belgium is responsible for the safety of the members of the Council, and the members of various international organisations, as well as the place of the meeting and the place where they are staying.

Thanks to several preparatory meetings organised by the NCCN and to a continuous analysis of the threat and the appropriate protection measures, the safety of these European summits can be ensured in a joint and coordinated manner.


Rallies are sporting competitions with cars on public roads. These can only take place after prior approval by the mayor(s), based on safety advice from the rally committee.

The NCCN chairs the rally committee. This committee analyses the safety of these car races in cooperation with the governors. It is responsible for informing the Ministers of the Interior and Road Safety, for carrying out on-site inspections, for examining safety equipment, etc.